Some folks like chocolate and some like vanilla. We've all heard that the world is divided into personality types based on favorite flavors. But did you know that the shape of your wedding cake also speaks volumes about you? Choose your cake with care; it's more important than you think!

Sleek, Smooth Fondant

The edges of each tier are sharper and crisper than your always-made bed. You appreciate a well-organized lifestyle free of unnecessary complications. You had your wedding completely planned a whole year in advance. It's nice to be elegant, but try not to get too upset if not every detail of your wedding turns out as flawlessly as your wedding cake.

Single Layer Cake

Why bother with the pomp and circumstance of a towering sculpture when everyone's just going to eat it, anyway? You're much more concerned with how the cake tastes than with showing off to your friends. The good news is, you won't go into debt from your wedding extravagances. The bad news is, you may not feel like you had much of a wedding at all! Don't let your down-to-earth attitude keep you from experiencing what it's like to be a prince or princess for the day.

Topsy-Turvy Tiers

You're an unconventional couple, but you're not ready to rock the boat too hard. Topsy-turvy cakes, with their tilted layers askance, tend to delight rather than alienate guests of a more traditional persuasion. You're creative and unique, sure, but you're still polite and respectful. If you want to spice things up a little more, go for a rainbow cake filling and some neon-colored icing.

Replica Sculpture

Would a casual passer-by mistake your wedding cake for a briefcase? Perhaps your cake is in the shape of a high-heeled shoe, a basketball, a laptop, or a cowgirl perched on a pony. In any event, you're a couple who loves your hobbies. Let's hope you both share that sizzling passion for bowling; otherwise, the "ball and pins" motif is going to alienate one side of the family. Share your interests with your guests literally as you serve delicious slices. That kind of enthusiasm will win you many friends. Stay away from armadillo-shaped cakes with red velvet icing–it's already been done.

Covered in Flowers and Seashells

You've never understood why some people claim "less is more." More is obviously more, and a big occasion like your wedding day is the ultimate chance to have it all! Your petal-covered cake matches the flowers in your hair, the strings of shells lining the banquet tables, and the DIY lace detailing on every single invitation. You're going to have a great time at your wedding–as long as you hire a photographer with a wide enough lens to capture it all!

Assorted Cupcake Candelabra

The perfect wedding cake flavor is vanilla. No wait, it's chocolate! Wait, strawberry! You probably spent hours at your tastings. Luckily, assorted cupcakes allow all of your guests to sample the flavors they like. As for you, take a break from wedding planning and treat yourself to an at-home date night where you don't have to make any decisions. That is, if you can decide on a movie!

"Couple in Danger"

Your cake looks completely normal… except for the zombies crawling up the tiers, or maybe it's the crashed airplane coming out of the side. If your cake topper couple is brandishing a pair of AK-47s, you already know you're making quite a statement. You're an unconventional couple who isn't afraid to show their friends and families exactly what makes your relationship tick. Consider a Halloween wedding to fully embrace your no-holds-barred nuptials.

The Un-Cake

It's your big day in the spotlight, and you decided you'd rather have cherry pie. Or fruit tarts. Or chocolate mousse. By bucking tradition, you're showing your off rebel side. Like wearing combat boots under a wedding dress, the absence of a wedding cake is a wink at tradition. You don't care what others think and you're happy to forge your own path. Skip the fancy tiers and snooty wedding planners. Just make sure you include some special touches for your wedding day!

Whether your wedding cake style is twelve tiers high and dripping with jewels, or you'd rather have a dessert table covered in mini-cupcakes instead, your choice of cake is a clear indicator of your personality. (And don't forget a cake topper that shows off your style, too!) Choose your cake with care; that way, when you serve slices to your friends and family, you'll really be sharing a part of yourself.

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