You know you can't go another single day without making it official, but how do you pop the question? There are plenty of marriage proposal ideas to suit every couple. For a more-than-ordinary relationship, nothing will do but a more-than-ordinary proposal. Skip the ho-hum flowers and chocolate and think of a truly unique way to express your devotion.

High-Speed Hijinks

If you can convince your partner to go on a fast-paced amusement park ride, seat yourself in the last spot on the ride. Hold up a "Will You Marry Me" sign just as you're all going over the big drop. If the ride snaps photos of you, you'll have to walk past them as you leave. If not, have a friend snap the picture and show you as you walk off the ride. With any luck, you'll get an even bigger scream than the roller coaster did.

For All the World to See

Do you really mean your message? Get it on satellite. If you're lucky enough to have access to a large pasture, mow a message into it that says, "Marry me?" Then casually ask your beloved to look up an address for you on Google Maps. It may be a lot of work, but it sure beats sitting on the street corner with a sign, waiting for the Streetview car to drive by!

Performance Art

If you're going on vacation in a city where there will be a lot of street performers (you know, the kind that paint themselves all in gold or do magic tricks for the crowd), you can arrange with one beforehand to be part of the proposal. Then, during your stroll later, you can suggest you watch the performer's show. He can assume a pose with a gold sign that asks, "Christa, will you marry Dave?" or, better yet, have her pull the message out of the magician's hat!

The Bait-and-Switch

Pick an activity that you know you enjoy far more than your partner does. Maybe you got tickets to the world ping pong championships. Maybe you're really excited to camp out and be the first people in line for the weekend flea market. Whatever the activity, be sure to talk it up and be so excited about it that you know your partner will have to go along with it for your sake. Make sure the whole weekend is reserved. Then, secretly pack bags for both of you and make travel arrangements for a romantic weekend away. When you reach your true destination, whip out the ring.

The Ultimate Nerdy Honor

It may take hours of repeated visits to the mall and a fortune in quarters, but if you're really good at arcade games this is the proposal for you. Beat the game's high score enough times that your initials fill the entire "Best Scores" screen. Instead of initials, however, use the letter spaces to spell out, "WIL LYO UMA RRY MES ARA" (it may take a bit of finagling to work your fiancé's name into a phrase easily divisible by three). Take her by the arcade on your way to a movie, and you'll win the highest score of all!

Boldly Go There

If you're wooing a Trekkie, there's really only one way to win her heart. Edit together clips from Star Trek: The Next Generation to find the very best instances of Captain Picard saying his signature line: "Engage!" Invite her to watch your video, then appear behind her dressed in your best red shirt and bald cap with a ring that would even make an android swoon with romance.

An Oddest Proposal: More Ways to Elicit a "Yes!"

Invite your beloved over to your house for dinner one night. As you're sitting and talking, your partner will inevitably notice a nice smell coming from the kitchen. Say, "Oh yeah! I forgot I was making some cookies. Will you check the oven and make sure they're not burning?" Walk in to kneel with the ring just as the oven door opens to reveal, "Will you marry me?" spelled out in cookie dough. It's sure to be a sweet start to an even sweeter engagement!

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