Wherever there is a big gathering of people, there is also a big need for bathrooms. It's not the most romantic aspect of a wedding, to be sure, but that doesn't keep it from being one of the most essential. Keep your guests comfortable by attending to all of their needs–even their most private ones.

If you hold your wedding at a banquet or club venue, there is little need to worry. After all, the facilities are included in the rental price. But what if you're holding a wedding at a park or on the beach? Not every picturesque location is equipped to handle the needs of a large group of guests, which means the responsibility falls on your shoulders.

It's not just remote locations that present a problem, either. When renting private houses for weddings, couples sometimes get a nasty surprise when the rental contract forbids use of the house's bathrooms. It's not a deal-breaker, though; the world of portable toilets offers some surprisingly deluxe and elegant alternatives.

Ask Your Venue

If your venue cannot supply bathrooms for your guests, ask whether they are willing to partially subsidize your porta potty rental cost. At the very least, most venues happily give permission for you to bring in portable toilets if their own facilities are inadequate to the task. They may even have contacts with reputable rental companies in the area.

It is polite to check with the venue first to see whether there is a preferred area to set up the toilets and whether there are any restrictions on size or type. Flushing toilets, for example, need access to electric and water hookups, which will affect their placement.

What's Included with the Rental Price?

Different companies offer different levels of service, so don't be fooled by a low price alone. Shop around to different portable toilet rental companies until you find one that offers the level of service you need. Ask whether your rental fee covers extras like delivery and setup, pumping and cleaning, separate hand washing stations, and stocking with supplies like soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.

Ask whether there is an additional cost for renting a handicapped-accessible unit. Not only does providing one show consideration for older guests, but the wider units give everyone a little more room to maneuver in their formal clothes.

Cleanliness takes precedence over most other bells and whistles. After all, your guests won't care about how well the color of the porta potty goes with your wedding bouquet if they have to hold their noses in order to use it. A portable toilet that's unpleasant to use will make your guests worried to drink anything at your reception, lest they need to leave. No matter what else the rental company offers to persuade you, don't accept a contract unless it promises sparkling clean facilities and a cleaning schedule.

How Deluxe Should You Go?

Portable toilets aren't just for rock concerts. If you're willing to pay for premium rentals, you can access options that look more like portable homes than porta potties. Expect to spend anywhere from about $60 for a single basic unit to thousands of dollars for options so deluxe, your guests will scarcely want to emerge for the cake cutting.

Maybe you have already experienced the splendor of a deluxe portable toilet trailer at another wedding or at a corporate awards ceremony. If you haven't, it can be hard to understand how the word "elegant" can apply to a bathroom on wheels. Get ready to be amazed. Even guests that refuse on principle to use a portable toilet will be lining up to experience the majesty of the high-end varieties.

In some cases, you can choose the color of the exterior and interior details (maybe "forest green" goes best with your wedding theme). Some deluxe bathroom options even come with separate rooms, including a mirrored hand-washing area and sitting area adjacent to the toilet stalls. Dress yours up with wood or "marble" paneling on the inside walls, vinyl siding on the outside, and even faux window shutters. Some restroom trailers come with a speaker system to entertain your guests with your wedding playlist. All of this comes with further niceties like solar lighting, full air conditioning, and even heaters shaped like faux-fireplaces. It goes without saying that everything operates completely hands-free.

You Can Dress it Up

Even if you just get the basic porta potty package, it doesn't have to look like a toilet at a construction site. Dress yours up by draping garlands of artificial flowers over it or surrounding it with potted plants. Set up a little table with hand towels, sanitizer, small bottles of lotion and scented sprays. Arrange it nicely with a tablecloth, flowers, candles, and charms. Keep an extra stash of toilet paper handy just in case your party needs it. Your consideration and preparation can take even the most modest arrangement and turn it into a pleasant experience.

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