While it’s not strictly necessary to give your significant other a gift for your own wedding, why sit back and let your guests upstage your own generosity? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it comes an opportunity to give the gift of romance. Schedule a boudoir photo shoot to match your personality and you’ll be able to surprise your lucky groom-to-be with a set of photos you’ll both treasure for years to come.

Boudoir photos don’t have to show nudity–or, for that matter, anything that doesn’t make you feel completely comfortable. The photo shoot is a way of bringing out whatever makes you uniquely you, whether that’s a burlesque flourish or a tantalizing modesty.

To schedule a photo session in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s important to start right away. Popular photographers always fill up quickly, and that is especially true for popular dates like Valentine’s Day. Book a date with your photographer in January if you want to have the images processed and ready for gift-giving by February 14.

Depending on the photographer and photo package you choose, you can expect your session to cost a few hundred dollars–not including extras like photo books and fancy frames to present your finished works of art. Many boudoir photographers offer a Valentine’s Day special, so be sure to ask if this applies when you’re booking your session. You may be able to get a discounted price, or to qualify for a few more poses and photos for free.

Scheduling a Special Valentine’s Shoot

While boudoir photos make a welcome pre-wedding gift any time of year, a Valentine’s Day set should be extra special. Think about the aspects of your relationship that mean the most to you. Since these photos should echo the romance of your relationship, think about the most romantic times you and your sweetheart have spent together. If you find a way to work specific elements from your relationship into your photo session, the gift will be even more personal and meaningful.

Maybe you want to incorporate something from the marriage proposal into your photos. If your sweetie got on bended knee in a private spot, such as a secluded hiking trail, or in your living room, ask your photographer about scheduling your photo session in the same location. If the proposal was in a public space, you can still give your photos personal meaning by scheduling a photo shoot in your own bedroom–or, if your spouse-to-be lives in another house, you can sneak in and do it there. Not every photographer has portable equipment, though, so if scheduling a boudoir shoot on-location is important to you, you’ll need to discuss it up front.

For a more subtle reminder of your relationship, plan a series of photos that showcases your engagement ring. If you’ve already purchased elements of your wedding-day outfit, you can wear small accessories (such as your tiara, veil, or shoes) that will act as teasing hints of the big day to come.

Boudoir Sessions for Men?

As popular as boudoir shoots are with brides-to-be, they’re not exclusively for women! If you’re a man who wants to show off his charms, many photographers are equally happy to shoot a male boudoir session. Be sure to let the photographer know ahead of time, however, as some female photographers are sensitive about the sensual nature of the session and will prefer to limit their services to female clients.

Male boudoir shoots are just like female boudoir shoots, in that the photos are designed to complement and flatter the subject. Think about what aspects of your personality will most delight your sweetheart. Do you want to dress like a sexy fireman? A hulking caveman? What about a strong man from an old-fashioned circus?

You may feel most comfortable in the simple act of unbuttoning an impeccably tailored suit. If you’re the type to always make your sweetheart laugh, on the other hand, why not schedule a silly shoot with props like a clown nose and a rubber chicken? Boudoir shoots can be playful, sensual, and any combination of the two. Remember, the purpose of a boudoir shoot is to create private photographs for you and your spouse-to-be’s eyes only, so there’s no need to let shyness hold you back from creating exactly the kind of photo set you’d like.

Regardless of your gender, the boudoir session should be more than merely emulating poses and facial expressions from magazines. Your photo shoot should be about what makes you feel special. Let your personality guide the session. The photos should make you look your best. When you’re completely comfortable and in your element, your unique beauty will shine. And that’s a wonderful gift to give, for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year! 

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I didn't realize men could also do b-pics. I would love to get a set from my fiance! Maybe I will leave this open on my screen, hint hint...?


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