Are you reluctant to take your vows in a year that contains the number 13? As silly as it may sound, you're not alone. In fact, the coming year is already causing a lot of sighs from wedding vendors as business seems slower than usual. Before you postpone your nuptials for a whole year, however, consider this: if you get married in 2013, the year is automatically lucky. After all, when you're marrying the man or woman of your dreams, the date on the invitations isn't the focal point. You're embarking on a lifetime of partnership and happiness together. It's hard to get much more good fortune than that.

Go ahead and take the plunge in 2013. Not only will you bring some good luck to the calendar, but you'll also be able to take advantage of special discounts with vendors and venues. After all, when business is slow, it translates into more bargaining power and better discounts for you. Sounding pretty lucky so far? You will also have less competition for prime wedding times (like long weekends during the spring), so you can have your choice of popular locations.

Make Good Luck Your Theme

Want some extra "insurance" against that number 13? Make good luck your wedding theme. Every culture on earth has a selection of objects, numbers, and symbols that represent good luck, so your selection is nearly boundless. Try hanging a horseshoe above the entrance to your reception–just remember to point it upwards so the luck doesn't "spill" out!

Lucky pennies make fun and creative additions to any wedding, and they certainly won't strain your budget! Pennies can be drilled to create eye-catching buttons and jewelry, as well as room décor. You can even rent a penny press to give your guests custom-designed penny favors stamped with your wedding date.

Your wedding cake is the perfect place to display your favorite lucky symbols. Ask your bakery about designing an icing rainbow that dips into a fondant pot of gold. You may want to serve four-leaf clover cake pops, or lollipops shaped like rabbits' feet. Whatever your favorite good luck charm is, you can share it with your guests in the form of a delectable dessert.

If you want to decorate your wedding with real, live, four-leaf clovers, you're in luck. Finding four-leaf clovers doesn't mean sifting through Irish meadows for hours. Instead, ask your local garden store about Oxalis tetraphylla or Marsilea quadrifolia, two clover-like plants with four leaves on each stem. You can use small pots of these delicate green plants to hold place-cards or as table centerpieces. You can even send guests home with small, decorative flowerpots as lucky wedding favors.

Are you incorporating any traditional Chinese elements into your nuptials? Don't forget to include lucky Chinese wedding customs like serving symbolic banquet dishes and decorating tables with bowls of peanuts and dried red dates. You can also use small vases of "lucky bamboo" as decorative table pieces.

Make 13 Your Lucky Number

Are you the type of couple who loves sticking your tongues out at conventional weddings? Turn tradition on its ear by holding your wedding on an intentionally-creepy date. 2013 will have two Friday the 13ths: September and December. Have a spookily good time and invite your guests to flaunt superstition with you as you turn the "bad luck day" into a cause for celebration. The year 2013 is also the perfect excuse to plan the hauntingly-great Halloween wedding you've always wanted.

Don't forget to really play up your theme by holding an engagement shoot in a graveyard and wearing a black wedding dress. (Check out Vera Wang's fall 2012 collection of black wedding gowns for inspiration.) If you're a fan of Tim Burton's creepy aesthetic, you may want to design a topsy-turvy wedding cake based on his Corpse Bride. Also, keep in mind that 2013's wedding color trends tend toward dark, deep colors like deep purple and vivid red. Whether you embrace dark tones in your cake icing, your flower arrangements, your dress, or your venue décor, you'll be able to explain to any pastel-loving guests that you actually happen to be in the fashion vanguard.

Remember, You're in Luck!

Your wedding day is inherently lucky because you're merging your life with that of your wonderful husband or wife. Regardless of what wedding date you choose, you will be able to look back with every anniversary and appreciate your incredible good fortune.

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lulu | Report Abuse

I'm going to have 13 red roses in my boquet. And my bridesmaids and maid of honor will have 7 flowers since 7 is the number of perfection.



Allison Porter | Report Abuse

As a 2013 bride, I completely agree. Our wedding is not at all 'unlucky' because I met the man of my dreams and we're tying the knot together. Anyone who'd put their wedding off a year because of the number is crazy.


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